Windows and macOS program that finds the latest news on given topics or names

"A reporter who puts a lot of effort into discovering new stories"...     
Cambridge English Dictionary

Newhound is for...

Management and Leaders

Learn what's new in your industry vertical and what are people saying about your organisation

Researchers and Journalists

Uncover what's trending in your specialist areas so that you remain relevant

Experts and Thought Leaders

Find out what's happening within your expert domain so that you remain well-informed

Bloggers and Content Creators

Discover new topics for blogging to improve your site's SEO

Transform how you discover the latest news

Saves Time

Performs in minutes what would manually take hours or days. Finds and checks hundreds of web pages concurrently.


Prevents you visiting the same news source again in the future. Knows and avoids what has already been checked.


Validates sites to avoid wasted time reading. Performs advanced intelligent analysis to discard poorer quality news.  


Avoids manual searching that would otherwise cause you to unknowingly click on compromised phishing web sites.

Google on Steroids

Read our blog post to discover how Newshound differs from Google.


See it in Action

Newshound is in Beta Testing

Apply to be an early adopter to help shape the future of Newshound

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