I am Simon Judge in the United Kingdom. On this site you can find a selection of my generative AI art. I prefer to keep generated images similar to hand painted art styles and avoid the more-typical, abstract feel of generative art.

My images blend my interests in photography, software programming and artificial intelligence (AI). My photography interests started as a child and I later worked as a student in a top photography shop, took an ‘O’ level (school qualification) in photography, had a darkroom at home and won several photographic competitions. On the technical side, I have been a professional software developer for decades more recently working with AI machine learning.

Images are AI generated from my best photographs to give the appearance of hand painted art. My unique, custom, generation workflow is considerably superior to filters typically found in programs such as Photoshop and smartphone apps. It also provides arbitrarily large images that are of significantly better quality than legacy bicubic resizing.

I am regularly publishing new artworks. Initial images have a natural ‘Oil Painting’ style and I have introduced ‘Fauvism’ and ‘Fire’ styles. Further ‘Primitivism’, ‘Pop art’ and ‘Inferno’ styles are works in progress that can be previewed in the article on generative art.

I am also exploring new ways of displaying digital art. I have set up some digital 3D exhibitions and have a gallery in the Spatial.io metaverse and oncyber.io. I hope to one day bridge the gap between traditional and digital art by showing in a physical digital gallery.

Feel free to contact me to provide feedback or to develop a relationship as a fellow artist, collaborator, journalist, curator or collector. I have a private, password protected, Collector Zone where collectors and curators can learn more about me, my personal motivations, my process, pricing strategy, plans and preview work in progress.

Email: simon@simonjudge.com

Instagram: JudgeDigitalArt
TikTok: JudgeDigitalArt
Twitter: @simonjudge