Creating images that cause the mind to linger

I am Simon Judge in England in the United Kingdom. I use technology to stretch the aesthetic limits of my photography.

My photography interests started as a child and I later worked as a student in a top photography shop, took an ‘O’ level (school qualification) in photography, had a darkroom at home and won several photographic competitions. On the technical side, I have been a professional software developer for decades.

My works predominantly explore and adapt nature’s forms, patterns and colours. Recent collections have a minimal style, combining solid blocks, gradients and occasionally more detailed focal points in bold compositions. I am also experimenting with abstract works.

I aim is encourage fascination and in some cases questioning on the nature of nature. My minimal works provide an antidote to the shouty cacophony of most contemporary art. I provide harmony, balance, quietude and the opportunity for contemplation. I invite your mind your linger.

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Email: simon@simonjudge.com

Instagram: JudgeDigitalArt
Twitter: @simonjudge