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  • Image Quality

    All the images on this site, on SaatchiArt, Instagram, Twitter, the 3D art galleries and OpenSea are low resolution 1024 pixel across (or down for portrait) images. Images re-processed by sites such as Instagram are unfortunately of particularly poor quality. High resolution is particularly important to me because I intend my work to be used […]

  • Generative Art

    Generative art is art wholly or partly created by a computer program. Generative AI art makes use of artificial intelligence (AI), more specifically machine learning (ML), to create or adapt images. Generative visual art has, so far, a reputation for pixel art for profile pictures (PFPs), drawing using algorithms or creating images from textual descriptions. […]

  • Accessing Files Forever

    NFTs can live ‘forever’ because they exist in a decentralized blockchain but the artworks they point to might cease to exist. For people purchasing as an investment, it’s important that the high resolution file stays around forever. As an example, there’s no point me putting the file on my server, I die, my server hosting […]

  • Artist Controlled Smart Contracts

    As of 2023, my future Ethereum NFTs use smart contracts created and owned by me rather than the platform providers such as OpenSea and Rarible. In simple terms, this provides superior proof of provenance for collectors while also ensuring the underlying contract can’t be changed. Read on, if you wish to dig deeper. A smart […]

  • Collector Comments

    “I’m an artist, not an investor, and I’m sure I’ll earn a profit from enjoying looking at it… Thank you, it’s a lovely piece” heurihermilab “Great pieces Simon, thank you” KongGalleries “Thank you, Simon! Lovely works!” “Love this this collection” yo (Lu Tsung-yu) “My pleasure to have your work on my Tezos collection” Cryptonite […]