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  • Image Quality

    All the artworks on this site, on SaatchiArt, Instagram, Twitter, the 3D art galleries and OpenSea are low resolution 1024 pixel across images. Images re-processed by sites such as Instagram are unfortunately of particularly poor quality. The artworks themselves and NFT unlocked files are 10800 pixels across and can print at 300dpi up to 24″ […]

  • Generative Art

    Generative art is art wholly or partly created by a computer program. Generative AI art makes use of artificial intelligence (AI), more specifically machine learning (ML), to create or adapt images. Generative visual art has, so far, a reputation for mainly creating surreal patterns or strange combinations of people and/or things, pixel art or creating […]

  • Picking a Genre

    It’s difficult to pick a genre to describe my work. On the one hand it might be thought of as photography while others might describe it as generative art. Some pure photographers might view what I do as over-processed. However, since the advent of smartphone and Instagram processing of images using filters, processing has become […]

  • Accessing Files Forever

    NFTs can live ‘forever’ because they exist in a decentralized blockchain but the artworks they point to might cease to exist. For people purchasing as an investment, it’s important that the high resolution file stays around forever. As an example, there’s no point me putting the file on my server, I die, my server hosting […]

  • Mitigating the NFT Climate Controversy

    NFTs are usually based on the Ethereum that’s the second popular digital currency after Bitcoin. The problem with Ethereum is that currency generation has been using up electricity thus indirectly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the climate issue, buying transactions are resource intensive and are hence very costly. In some cases buying […]