Collector Comments

“I’m an artist, not an investor, and I’m sure I’ll earn a profit from enjoying looking at it… Thank you, it’s a lovely piece” heurihermilab

“Great pieces Simon, thank you” KongGalleries

“Thank you, Simon! Lovely works!”

“Love this this collection” yo (Lu Tsung-yu)

“My pleasure to have your work on my Tezos collection” Cryptonite

“Such a serene feeling to this piece, in fact throughout your collection” Str4ngeThing

“So happy to have stumbled upon your work yesterday – made it a triptych too” arltcollector

“I love this ‘Ice Tree’ by @SimonJudge. Looking at it makes me feel warm.” paiperdoll

“Really appreciate your work” richardssart

“Loved this piece – had to snag it” Rusty Bill