Image Quality

All the images on this site, on SaatchiArt, Instagram, Twitter, the 3D art galleries and OpenSea are low resolution 1024 pixel across (or down for portrait) images. Images re-processed by sites such as Instagram are unfortunately of particularly poor quality.

High resolution is particularly important to me because I intend my work to be used for high quality printing, poster prints, electronic display and projection. Sadly, too much digital art, particularly NFT art, is low resolution and is consequently underwhelming when shown in physical settings. Instead, my works scale well in real-life situations.

Full size works are at least 4096 pixels across (or down for portrait) and some collections are 8192 or 10800 across. As an example, here’s ‘Twisty Acers, Inferno’ showing the increase in detail with the higher resolution:

On Instagram (in Chrome)
High Resolution

The above still doesn’t demonstrate the full detail. Here’s another example of ‘Bee on Rose, Burning’, this time zooming in to show more detail.

On Instagram (in Chrome)
Bee on Rose crop

Here’s an example video showing zooming into the high resolution ‘Campanile di San Giorgio’ in the ‘natural’ oil painting style: