‘Our Burning World’ was created in July 2022 during a European heat wave causing forest and bush fires, when temperature records were broken in the US, Portugal, France, Sweden and the Arctic Circle.

The aim of  ‘Our Burning World’ is to encourage personal discovery of how and why wildfires come about and reflection on their affect on homes, belongings, nature and our health.

Fire destroys properties and the habitats of unsuspecting animals and insects. Smoke pollutes the air we breathe. The resulting ash pollutes soil, groundwaters, rivers, and lakes.

There have been recent heatwaves in 1911, 1933, 1955, 1976, 1995, and 2003. They cause vegetation to dry out and become a tinderbox ready to be ignited by natural causes such as dry lightning or human actions such as leaving dying barbeques, discarding cigarettes or even arson.

Those who have lost their homes are surprised by the scale and ferocity of fires. Climate change, which might to some people seem distant and theoretical, is making heatwaves more likely and is bringing wildfires to previously safer, cooler climates. Climate change is actually happening, evidenced by rising sea levels, opening of new shipping lanes in the Arctic Ocean, shrinking of mountain glaciers and the expansion of deserts.

Our burning World is largely exacerbated by the long and short term actions by humankind.

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