My work is available to own as 1/1 edition NFTs on OpenSea in the Natural , Fauvism, Fire, Primitivism and Inferno collections and I have several, more affordable, 1/25 editions on

Please ask should you like a particular unsold artwork moved between OpenSea and I can also split or combine editions when moving between platforms.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) allow me to offer my digital artwork as limited editions. Owners can keep or subsequently sell the NFT. All transactions and the resultant provenance are verifiable via blockchain.

Provenance and uniqueness are two factors that affect the value of all art in both the physical or digital worlds. Knowing where an item has been and how many, for example the number of traditional prints, is important.

For artists, NFTs provide a way to trace a digital asset back to themselves as the creator. For me, I like the idea that NFTs allow the digital artworks to exist beyond my lifetime.

NFTs are purchased for one or more reasons:

  • Patronage – To help the artist and provide a form of sponsorship
  • Collection – To be displayed in print form, electronically or for ‘bragging rights’
  • Investment – Effectively buying a fractional interest in the artist in the hope it will increase in value
  • Admiration – For the love of the artwork

Owning a limited edition of a digital artwork can be compared to owning a limited edition physical print of an artwork. It provides a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use, copy and display the creative artwork underlying the NFT for personal use.

“A buyer purchases the provenance of the work not just the physical file. That provenance travels from artist to the buyer and can be shown by them to the world as a badge of their identity, their taste and what they represent”

I have set up each NFT to provide a very high resolution 10800×7200 file. This provides high quality printing up to 24″x36″ at 300dpi or for poster prints or projection. Read about image quality and accessing files forever.

NFTs and the associated Ethereum currency have been implicated in climate change controversy. Read about the steps I have taken to mitigate these concerns while also significantly reducing NFT buying costs.